Thursday, September 12, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Preventing Users from Editing Their Profile

While it might be nice to have users keep their information up-to-date in their profile, many times companies and organizations like to keep Active Directory (AD) (or an employee database that may feed AD) as the main source for user information. Therefore, in SharePoint, they may not want the user population to be able to edit their profile.

Navigate to Central Administration and click on Manage Service Applications under the Application Management section:

On the Service Applications page, scroll down and click on the User Profile Service Application link:

The Manage Profile Service: User Profile Service Application page appears. On this page click on Manage User Permissions within the People section:

The Permissions for User Profile Service Application dialog appears.
Within the Permissions dialog, you may add users and change their permissions accordingly. Do disable editing of profiles, select the All Authenticated Users entries and then uncheck the Follow People and Edit Profile option:

You may disable the creation of personal sites (My Sites) as well as tags and notes usage here also. Click OK once the modifications are completed.
Guess what?? This doesn't work!
If Create Personal Site is checked, users may edit their profile regardless if the Follow People and Edit Profile is checked. So the only way you can turn this off is if you uncheck Create Personal Site as well as Follow People and Edit Profile.


  1. Thanks Steve!

    To a layman like myself this is really helpful :)

  2. By unchecking Create Personal Sites will that not prevent new users to have their own Personal Sites? Also by unchecking Create Personal Sites will that cause the Personal Sites that are already created to "disappear".
    We don't want people to change their photos, but we do want them to have a personal site.


    1. The setting only affects the permission and won't remove existing sites.

    2. Thanks.
      I applied the changes and it changed the About Me to My Settings and when clicked it sent me to a settings page and made it more difficult to get to my newsfeed. Once I was able to find my newsfeed I was still able to change my photo.

  3. I realize that this is probably more than what I need(ed).
    I just needed to prevent users to from changing their photo and was able to accomplish this by:
    User Profile Service Application>Manage User Properties>Picture and changing "Edit Settings" to "Do not allow to edit values to this property".



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