Friday, November 14, 2014

SharePoint 2013: Hiding the Blog Tools Web Part

You want users to have contribute rights to your blog site but do not wish to show the Blog Tools on the post pages. If you remove the web part, other blog web parts (e.g. Categories) do not work. If you modify the Blog Tools web part properties and select the Hidden property, the web part still renders.

Viewing the web part properties in the page (via SharePoint Designer) shows that the web part should not be visible and should be hidden:

Modify the Blog Tools web part properties as follows:

  1. Change the Height to a fixed height of 0 pixels
  2. Change the Chrome State to Minimized
  3. Change the Chrome Type to None

Click OK and Save (or Stop Editing) the page.

Refresh and the Blog Tools web part is still on the page but does not show!

SharePoint 2013: Blog Category Links Not Working

Within a blog site while viewing posts, the list of category links do not filter the posts.

When viewing the source of the page, you notice that the anchor hyperlink references (href) are blank:

Add the Blog Tools web part back onto the page. The Categories web part does not seem to work properly if the Blog Tools web part is removed.

SharePoint 2013: Metadata Navigation Settings Option Missing from Document Library

You navigate to a document library's document settings and do not see the Metadata navigation settings link:

In order to configure the metadata navigation settings on a document library within a site, the Metadata Navigation and Filtering site feature must be activated.

Select Site Settings from the settings (gear) menu. Select Manage Site Features under Site Actions. Find the Metadata Navigation and Filtering feature and click the Activate button:

The Metdadata navigation settings link is now available within the Document Settings of the document library:

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