Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Scaling Out Enterprise Search Series

Before I moved my index partition to my WFEs, I originally had 1 WFE and 1 Search Server (which we like to call the Index Server although now it is becoming the Search Crawl/Processing server). I previously moved the Query Component to the WFE. Therefore I had the following:

A new "Index Server" was provisioned and I added the server to the farm. Now I needed to scale out the search components a bit:
Technically, scaling out the Index Partition involves creating a new Index Partition for every 10 million items. Creating a new Index Compoent is considered as a fault tolerance procedure. Nonetheless, adding more servers and creating more search components can be considered scaling out overall.

Once the new Index Server was ready I needed to perform the folowing:

  1. Add a New Index Component
  2. Add a New Crawl Component
  3. Add a New Content Processing Component
  4. Add a New Analytics Component
  5. Add a New Admin Component

Add the end of these processes, my Search Topology resembled the following:

Search On!

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