Friday, October 18, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Migrating InfoPath 2007 Form Text Display Issue

Scenario: You open an InfoPath 2007 form in InfoPath Designer 2013. You publish it to SharePoint 2013.

Problem:  When rendering the form in SharePoint 2013, the text and/or background colors do not display correctly:



1. Open the form in InfoPath Designer 2013.

2. Select some text on the form and click on the Normal font format. (It may already be selected but click it anyway).

3. You will be prompted to update the template. Click Yes:

4. Save the form changes and re-publish the form to SharePoint 2013.

Form rendering is now corrected:



  1. Thanks Steve, any suggestions for when the background turns blue?

    1. I just saw this happen yesterday. One of our business analysts right-clicked the area and changed the fill color to the correct one (in our case white)


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