Monday, January 20, 2014

SharePoint 2013: Installing and Configuring Project Server 2013

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Installing and configuring Project Server 2013 in a SharePoint 2013 environment is fairly easy but does require various installation and configuration steps:

  1. (Optional) Build out  a new Application Server and add it to your SharePoint farm.
  2. Install Project Server 2013 on the Application Server - DO NOT RUN THE CONFIGURATION WIZARD!
  3. Install Project Server 2013 on all other non-database servers in the farm.
  4. Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard on all non-database servers in the farm.
  5. Create the Project Server 2013 Service Application and start the Project Server 2013 service.
  6. Create and configure the Project Web App instance
  7. Connect Microsoft Project 2013 to the Project Web App
  8. Publish a Project file (.mpp) to SharePoint

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